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Meet Team Novari - Montreal

Our newest location is almost ready and we could not be more excited!

Novari Collective is multi-award winning Property Styling company based in Vancouver. Since 2007 they have styled and designed well over 5000 homes, helping hundreds of sellers achieve their goals in the competitive real estate market.

Now Novari Montreal brings a creative, talented team committed to providing exceptional service and commitment to your styling experience. Together, they will help unlock your space's hidden potential creating a polished, functional and elevated results.

Get ready for a blend of style and sophistication offering top quality and affordable home staging. 

We can't wait to work with you.


Sandra Simas

Sandra Simas

Meet Sandra, the creative force behind our newest branch!

Sandra is an Interior Designer, certified home stager, home organizer and short term rental stylist with over twelve years experience under her belt. With a passion for transforming spaces into captivating experience, Sandra has worked hand in hand with developers and realtors, styling homes and show suites to help sell a luxury lifestyle. 

Using her fluency in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish has given Sandra an opportunity to connect with a vast audience. She has travelled between Miami, Vancouver and Montreal to build upon her skills and knowledge in all aspects of interior design. These travels and connections have been her drive to grow professionally, and channel the inspiration into her design. 

Get ready for a harmonious blend of style and functionality under Sandra's leadership at our exciting new Montreal location! 

Karina Simas

Karina Simas

is a certified professional organizer who joins our team as our assistant stager.

After dedicating years to raising her three children, she is now returning with renewed energy and committment.

As the sister to Sandra, our lead stager, Karina has been immersed in the world of interior design since childhood, gaining extensive hands-on experience in renovation projects with their father, and learning the ropes of home staging alongside her sibling. 

Fuelled by an innante passion for furniture arrangement and renovation deeply ingrained in her DNA, Karina brings a wealth of practical skills and talent to the team. 

Maham Torabi

Maham Torabi

is a seasoned member of our home staging team with an abundance of experience. Over the past three years, Maham has been an essential assistant on our installation projects, contributing his expertise and dedication to every task.

With a solid background of over ten years in warehouse management, he brings a deep understanding of logistics and organization to our staging process. 

Maham's extensive experience ensures that our installations are executed with diligence and care. We are proud to have Maham on our team, where his comittment to excellence shines through in every project we undertake. 

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